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not me but still cool… I wonder what the guy with the shaved back and full-back tatt tree is going to look like when the hair grows back. Hairy foliage? Bird nests? Or a hidden tree peeking through hirsute clouds?

Hair tattoos? Um, what? Stickers you mean? Not really kinky stickers either. IMHO.


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Sex Geek

Today, I have a few things to say about two articles on BDSM that have come across my feed these past couple of days: “No, Being Kinky Does Not Grant You Minority Status” by Meghan Murphy for, and “The Trouble with Bondage: Why S&M Will Never Be Fully Accepted” by William Saletan for

They’ve got it wrong. They’ve got it so far wrong that frankly, their authors are making public fools of themselves, if nothing else than for sheer factual error, but also because of a remarkable failure to demonstrate even the most basic ability to construct a logical argument. Beyond that, they’ve been published on otherwise relatively well-regarded websites, which indicates a failure of clear thought along two entire publishing chains of command, and this makes me seriously raise an eyebrow at their editors. If this is the level of discourse that writers…

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Domme: Pro or Faux?

Excerpt from the article

“How to tell a pro domme from a faux domme”

The article gave four tell-tale signs of fake dommery. My favorite was number four.

4) Do her “real life” stories seem too salacious to be true?  They probably are.

Pros will try to present themselves in the best possible light.  So her “Mistress Manor” may actually be a tiny apartment in a seedy neighborhood.  But some fakers take this to a whole different level.  If the domme you are observing tells stories of doing things that seem hugely unlikely, given the way ordinary people act…if she even tells tales of activities that would be considered criminal out here in the real world… chances are she’s making that shit up.  Those of us who do this for real put our clothes back on when the pizza guy knocks; we don’t conspire with the clerks at the lingerie store to kidnap & punish lecherous husbands.

You can read the whole article here:


Or check out the writer at her website:

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Microsmut: Evidence of Desire


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Welcome 2013

Let’s start the new year with lesbians in advertising… I’ll buy that.

propaganda-duloren homoafetiva lesbica

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Oh MY: 50 shades of George Takei

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