Domme: Pro or Faux?

Excerpt from the article

“How to tell a pro domme from a faux domme”

The article gave four tell-tale signs of fake dommery. My favorite was number four.

4) Do her “real life” stories seem too salacious to be true?  They probably are.

Pros will try to present themselves in the best possible light.  So her “Mistress Manor” may actually be a tiny apartment in a seedy neighborhood.  But some fakers take this to a whole different level.  If the domme you are observing tells stories of doing things that seem hugely unlikely, given the way ordinary people act…if she even tells tales of activities that would be considered criminal out here in the real world… chances are she’s making that shit up.  Those of us who do this for real put our clothes back on when the pizza guy knocks; we don’t conspire with the clerks at the lingerie store to kidnap & punish lecherous husbands.

You can read the whole article here:


Or check out the writer at her website:

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